Our mission

Our Story

Our mission is to offer authentic, high-quality Turkish handmade and machinemade rugs, mosaic lamps, and ceramic art, creating a unique and memorable customer experience. We aim to educate and inspire our customers by sharing the rich culture and history behind our products, while offering a diverse range of unique items at affordable prices.

Growing up in Izmir, Turkey, Soloman discovered his passion for sales through a modest start at the lively Kemer Alti market. As he delved deeper into the world of commerce, he found his true calling – the ancient art of trading handmade Persian and Turkish rugs.

Weaving a Legacy
The Story of Soloman and his Handmade Turkish Rugs

Fueled by his mother's own skill in weaving these intricate and beautiful pieces, Soloman set out on a journey across Turkey, selling his wares at local markets and sharing the artistry and craftsmanship of these rugs with anyone who would listen. He traveled to small villages and bustling cities alike, always seeking new opportunities to showcase the unique beauty of his mother's creations.

From Turkey to Australia
Soloman's 40-Year Journey as a Master of Handmade Rugs

As the years went by, Soloman's reputation as a purveyor of high-quality, handmade rugs grew. Eventually, he married and moved to Australia with his family, but his passion for these traditional pieces followed him across the globe. For over 40 years, he continued to operate his business in the same traditional way he had in Turkey, traveling to towns and cities across NSW, VIC and QLD to set up pop-up shops for two weeks at a time before moving on to the next location.

From Tradition to Modernity
The Evolution of Soloman's Handmade Rug Business

But as the world changed around him, Soloman's son, Jenk, saw an opportunity to bring the business into the modern age. Jenk, who had been working at Western Sydney University, lost his job during the pandemic and decided to join his father's business. Together, they rebranded and expanded, introducing new products like Turkish mosaic lamps and Iznik ceramics, and even hosting workshops to teach customers about the rich culture and history behind these items.

Preserving the Traditions
Jenk's Journey to Share the Culture of Turkey

Today, Treasures of Turkey can be found in Tweed Heads, where Jenk and his team continue to expand and share the culture of Turkey with customers all across Australia. Whether you stop by for a browse or stay for a chat over a complimentary cup of Turkish coffee or apple tea, Treasures of Turkey is a true celebration of the art and culture of this ancient land.